We believe nature and art are synonymous which is why sustainability is one of our core brand values. We take pride in our commitment to being environmentally responsible in the sourcing, production and packaging of our bags. 

DANIA SHINKAR implements sustainability through: practicing waste reduction, using ethically sourced leathers, and using recycled materials. We also work with digital leather printing partners that produce eco-sustainable prints for us in accordance with many ecological certifications (UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD, ENERGY STAR® and EPEAT Bronze). Our prints are produced using water-based ecological ink with recyclable cartridge and a printer with high-energy efficiency.


Our Packaging:

All orders are packed with thought, intent and care towards the environment. Our swing tags and branded boxes are consciously made from recycled paper and cardboard. We also use acid-free tissue paper to carefully wrap all orders.

Our dust-bags are made from natural biodegradable cotton and are screen-printed using only water-based non toxic inks.

Our Leathers:

All of our leathers are ethically sourced; we only use leathers that are by-products of the meat industry. This means our leathers came from cattle raised for meat, not for leather. By doing so, we help transform natural food-industry waste into a valuable raw material. Less waste, more value. 

In addition, we only use 100% genuine leathers carefully selected from the finest Italian tanneries. The Italian tannery industry is known for its strong commitment to sustainability. According to UNIC, (the Italian tanners’ association), Italian leather is sustainable due to its high quality (durability), it creates value, it is natural, clean, safe, ethical and innovative.   

Our Commitment to Slow Fashion:

At DANIA SHINKAR, we are big advocates for 'quality over quantity'. We combine natural high quality materials with Italian craftsmanship in order to create pieces durable enough to last a lifetime. Longevity is sustainability. With this, we aim to promote slow fashion and encourage mindful purchases.  

Our Use of Eco-friendly Materials: 

We have made a conscious decision to use Cellulose Acetate in the production of our signature custom handles. Cellulose Acetate is a natural and renewable material extracted from plants, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics.

Our signature handles are 100% handmade and the production process takes several weeks, which highlights our commitment to slow fashion.

Our Eco-conscious Cardholders:

We have made a conscious decision to UPCYCLE the offcuts and remnants of the leather used for our bags into sleek cardholders for you! This idea stemmed from our desire to reduce waste by making use of as much leather as possible while offering useful modern cardholders to our customers.  

Instead of throwing away surplus leather and treating it like waste, we reuse and reprocess it resourcefully by creating quality, long lasting products from it (aka our cute cardholders).